shaft [shaft, shäft]
[ME schaft < OE sceaft, akin to Ger schaft < IE base * (s)kap-, to cut with a sharp tool > SHAVE, Gr skapos, rod, L scapus, shaft, stalk]
a) the long stem or body of an arrow or spear
b) an arrow or spear
2. a missile or something that seems to be hurled like a missile; bolt [shafts of lightning, derision, etc.]
3. a cone or column of light; ray; beam
4. a long, slender part or object; specif.,
a) Rare the trunk of a tree or stem of a plant
b) the stem or rib of a feather
c) the midsection of a long bone
d) the supporting stem of a branched candlestick
e) a column or obelisk; also, the main, usually cylindrical, part between the ends of a column or pillar; verge: see COLUMN
f) a flagpole
g) a tall, slender building or part of a building; spire
h) a handle, as on some tools or implements
i) either of the two poles between which an animal is harnessed to a vehicle; thill: see HARNESS
j) a bar, usually cylindrical, for supporting or transmitting motion to a wheel, pulley, gear, cam, etc. [the drive shaft of an engine]
5. a long, narrow, vertical or slanting passage sunk into the earth [a mine shaft]
6. a vertical opening passing through the floors of a building, as for an elevator
7. a conduit for air, as used in heating and ventilating
Slang to cheat, trick, exploit, etc.
to cheat, trick, exploit, etc.
get the shaft
Slang to be cheated, tricked, etc.
give someone the shaft
Slang to cheat or trick someone

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